Getting Things Done: Part 3: The Power of the Key Principles: Chapters 11-13 and Conclusion

Productivity Book Group [ ] discussed Part Three (Chapters 11-13, Conclusion) of the best-selling book, Getting Things Done [ ], by David Allen, on April 13, 2013. We covered the final three chapters about the Power of the Collection Habit, the Power of the Next-Action Decision, and the Power of Outcome Focusing, along with general advice for those implementing GTD from David Allen’s final words in the Conclusion.

(We provide the many great tips, tricks, and tools that were shared in our call here in the episode notes. Listen to the show to understand the context of the resources provided. If we missed something, please comment on the episode and let us know!)

  1. GTD Refresh, Part 1: Getting My Head Together [ ]
  2. GTD Refresh, Part 2: Contexts and Calendar [ ]
  3. GTD Refresh, Part 3: Projects [ ]
  4. GTD Refresh, Part 4: Getting Sorted [ ]
  5. GTD Refresh, Part 5: Building the Weekly Review Habit [ ]
  6. GTD Refresh, Part 6: Decisiveness [ ]



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  1. Hey Ray, thanks for posting the Someday Maybe links that I requested on the 4/13 show. Great stuff. And I love the 2-minute format. Thanks again!

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