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Productivity Book Group [ ] discussed The Psychology of Procrastination by Hayden Finch, PhD. Buy a copy on Amazon, bring a copy home from your local, independent bookstore, or borrow a copy from your local library. Enjoy the discussion!

About Hayden Finch PhD (Amazon)

Part Lisa Ling, part Reese Witherspoon, and part Mary Poppins, Dr. Hayden Finch is a licensed clinical psychologist, behavior change expert, and dessert enthusiast originally hailing from North Carolina. Duke and Nebraska educated, she is a go-getter with a passion for translating research into practical coping skills. Dr. Finch treats clients at her Center for High Functioning Anxiety and is the CEO and founder of the educational platform Master Your Mental Health. Her goal is to equip people with the skills to master mental health, discover self-acceptance, and find meaning in a busy life through research-based strategies. Prior to launching her own businesses, she had adventures working with incarcerated juveniles, Veterans, and individuals who had been found not responsible for crimes by reason of insanity. In her personal life, Dr. Finch is a waterslide enthusiast, a musical theater aficionado, and an ice cream connoisseur.

About the Book (Amazon)

Understand your procrastination and break through to productivity

Many different factors can trigger procrastination. The good news is, you’re not lazy or undisciplined, and you can achieve real productivity. Discover the psychological factors that drive your procrastination habits and unlock the secrets to overcoming them. With this research-based approach, you can learn to stop procrastinating, finish projects, and accomplish your goals.

Begin by unpacking the common thought processes and emotional roadblocks that trap you in cycles of problematic behavior. Apply that awareness to each step of getting things done, using practical evidence-based techniques that address the root causes of procrastination and time management problems. When you are empowered to work along with your brain, rather than against it, you’ll be able to take control and create lasting change.

This empowering choice in psychology books helps you:

  • Examine core issues―Look at possible mental health issues that often exacerbate procrastination, like low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and others.
  • Succeed step-by-step―Work through procrastination one step at a time: prioritize, find motivation, overcome avoidance, get started, focus, follow through, and finish.
  • Get perspective―Explore real-life anecdotes of people struggling with procrastination to gain insight into how it works in your life―and help you identify its causes.

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