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Productivity Book Group [ ] discussed The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months [ ], Chapters 1 through 13 by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington. Enjoy the discussion!


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  1. Here’s a follow-up on my comments about the Wonderful Day app.

    I downloaded the newest version of the app last weekend, and it DID open my old data files (from about 18 months ago). I had been unable to do that with the previous versions. They have also streamlined the way to mark a number of goals at one time, eliminating the old complaint of “too many taps to record data”.

    The app looks like it still has a problem with displaying very large data sets — it let me add current activity to one of my very old goals, but there seems to be no way to scroll past the bottom of the display screen that tracks all of your history with one goal.

    You get 16 data points per row, and almost 23 rows of data on the screen. That is 366 data points, so one year of daily entries, or 366 weeks for something you were tracking just once a week. I think the app would be a fine choice if you were OK setting up a new goal once the screen was filled, I can’t find any way to scroll down past the bottom of the display screen once it IS filled up. I don’t know how it responds when you reach the bottom of the display screen in real time, if there is some kind of prompt to set up a new goal (which would be helpful).

    For my goals that I had to abandon when the app stopped opening, it will allow me to record new Yes/No data points, but I believe they’re showing up “below the bottom of the screen”, so to speak. Which doesn’t give you the visual feedback that is a strength of this app. It is easy to add a number to the beginning of each goal’s name so they may be sorted in any order you desire. Therefore, if a “full” goal got replaced with a new one, the old one could be renamed so that it sorted to the bottom of the list.

    1. Great insight, Margaret! Many thanks for sharing this information and your experience! 🙂

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