Productivity Book Group

Productivity Book Group is a virtual, personal productivity book discussion club and podcast. All are invited to read and discuss these personal productivity and related books with us!


We meet usually once a quarter by teleconference line.

If you use Google Calendar, it’s easy to keep up-to-date as you can subscribe by visiting and clicking on “+Google Calendar” icon on the lower-right corner of the Productivity Book Group calendar. We announce the next live discussions in the posts here (and syndicate to iTunes, etc.).


It’s easy! Read the book noted on the schedule and then join the teleconference call at the date/time in the calendar.

Join us Productivity Book Group on Google+ and you can discuss any of the books we are reading in the events (they’ll be tagged as events) created for each reading selection!


Please visit our Upcoming Books page to see the next few reading selections and the dates of our live discussion calls. For prior book discussions, please visit our Episodes page for the archives of those calls. We welcome your questions, concerns, recommendations and suggestions! Please let me know if you have a particular skill-set you think can be of help. Thank you!

Here’s to your productive life,

Ray Sidney-Smith
Productivity Book Group


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